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General Information

What are some tips for selecting a heating and cooling contractor?
What is a good maintenance checklist?
What are available tax credits?
What is the sound rating of a unit?
What do extended warranties usually cover?
How do BTUs and EERs work?

Heating & Cooling

Air Conditioners

What should I understand about air conditioning?
What are benefits of the CFC phase-out?
How does this affect ozone?
What is important about ozone depletion?
What do these AC terms mean?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ductless?
How does AC work?
What are some money saving tips?
What's up with R-22 Refrigerant?


Replacing Your Furnace

When is it Time to Replace?
What should I look for with purchasing a new heating system?
When should I replace?
What effects with the ECM motor have?
How do I lower home heating costs?
Can new furnaces really reduce heating costs?
What kind of heating fuel & system types are there?
What are some money & energy saving tips?
What do the central gas furnace terms?
What misconceptions are there about furnace care & safety?
Why do good furnaces go bad?
Why is there an odor at furnace start up?

Heat Pumps

What are advanced features to look for in a heat pump?
How do I operate & maintain my heat pump?
What should I know about replacing my heat pump?
Are heat pumps efficient and ecological?
What are dual fuel heat pumps?
How do I save money and enery with my heat pump?
What is an air-source heat pump?

Geothermal Heat Pumps

What types of geothermal heat pumps are there?
What is Geothermal?
How do I select and install a geothermal heat pump system?
How do I keep my equipment tuned?
What are some home heating tips?
What are limitations when replacing existing heating systems?
How do you size heating and cooling systems?
What are types of cooling systems?
What types of heating systems are there?
What are cooling equipment efficiency criteria?
What are energy efficiency ratings & terms?
What is a mini-duct air distribution system?
What is the right sized unit for me?

Energy Efficiency

How does home cooling affect my savings?
How do I read the EnergyGuide label?
What are energy saving windows?
How does home heating affect my savings?

Indoor Air Quality

How does combustion appliances affect indoor air pollution?
How can I control indoor air pollution?
What are the biological pollutants in my home?
What causes & triggers asthma?
What kinds of residential air-cleaning devices are there?
Why are furnace filters important?
How do I care for my home humidifier?
What strategies for ventilation are there?

Ducts & Insulation

How doess insulation work?
What types of insulation are there?
What are R-values of insulation?
Does duct insulation save me money?
What are the benefits of duct sealing?
Why use a professional for duct improvements?
Should I have my ducts cleaned?
How does insulation affect my home's heating and cooling?
How does air distribution design help my home?

System Support & Accessories

How does one design a zoning system properly?
How does one read residential meters?
Can I use my thermostat to save money?
What's the best choice for a programmable thermostat?
What are blower door tests?
What is air sealing?

Health & Safety Issues

Carbon Monoxide

What is low exposure carbon monoxide poisoning?
Que es carbon monoxide?
What is carbon monoxide?
What do carbon monoxide detectors do?
Why are carbon monoxide risk highest in cold weather?
What are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, and what to do?
What misconceptions of carbon monoxide are there?
How long has carbon monoxide been affecting us?
What are the sources of carbon monoxide?

Dealing with Mold

What's the difference between mold, mildew & fungus?
What are the mold removal guidelines?
What should I know about mold?
How does the moisture in my home affect mold?

Flood Damage

What should I know about repairing and rebuilding from flood damage?
What are some safety tips for flood victims?
What does a manufacturer response to flooded equipment look like?
What do I need to know about floods and HVACR equipment?
How do I recover my boiler system after a flood?
What should I do with my flood-damaged heating and cooling equipment?
Should flood-damaged appliances be replaced?
What is the dangers of dryer fires?
How do I properly clean a dryer vent?
How do I stay safe with natural gas?
What dangers are there with a space heater?
What are the risks of lead paint during renovation?
Helping families breathe better since 1997.
Helping families breathe better since 1997.
Helping families breathe better since 1997.
Helping families breathe better since 1997.